Facebook Bidding with AdMob Full Setup & Integration

In this article I will tell you in full detail how you can setup Facebook Bidding with AdMob account & also I will show you by doing practical in Android Studio how you can integrate code in your application. But before that I want to give you some important information before using Facebook Bidding. Many people have different questions in their mind which are important to be clear, before integrating Facebook bidding, some questions are like :

  1. If I want to do Facebook Bidding with AdMob, then which network’s ad code should I put in my application ?
  2. Can I use Facebook ad network without bidding?
  3. After bidding on Facebook, on which account our revenue will be collected ?

Many such questions can come in your mind, so let’s solve these questions and after that I will tell in detail what you have to do next.

Facebook Bidding with AdMob

Solve the questions (Facebook Bidding with AdMob) :

  1. Without any doubt here I want to say that if you want to use Facebook Bidding then you have to use the Facebook ad network’s code in your android application.
  2. For now, you will be able to use it without bidding, but after September 30, 2021, you will not be able to use Facebook Audience Network without bidding. Here I would like to add one more thing, the question comes in the mind of many users is that we do not want to do mediation or bidding with any other ad network in our Facebook audience network, so what should we do? Here I would like to tell you that there is an option on Facebook Audience Network In-house Mediation, with the help of this option, you can use Facebook audience network without bidding, but this option is not yet given to all users, some selected users can use this option.
  3. This question is also very important that after bidding on Facebook in which ad network we will get our money. So the answer to this question is very simple, you will get your money in Facebook audience network’s account.

Facebook Bidding with AdMob – Setup

If you want to know more details about Facebook bidding then definitely visit this official link: Getting Started with Partner Mediation

So in this article we are going to know how to setup Facebook Bidding with AdMob. Here I will not go into so much detail that how you can create your account, you will do all that yourself. First of all you should choose from which ad network you want to get money, what I mean is when you show ads on your app and the revenue generated from there, from which ad network you will get that revenue ?

If you want to collect that revenue from AdMob then you have to integrate AdMob code on your application and if you want to get that revenue from Facebook then you have to use Facebook code on your application. (If you have a better answer then you must tell in the comment, we will definitely improve it.)

So let’s setup Facebook Bidding & AdMob Mediation step by step :

So first you open your Facebook Audience Network account & select Business settings. There you will get the option of System Users inside the Users section, you have to open it & there you have to check whether your system user has already been added or not, if you have not yet added your system user, then you must add your system user by clicking on the ADD button there.

Facebook Bidding with AdMob

Facebook Bidding with AdMob

After adding System Users, there you will get the Add Assets button, click on it, as soon as you click, a popup will come in front of you, there you will get a lot of options in Select asset type, then you have to first click on the App option there. Here you will get all the apps that you created, out of those apps, you have to select the app in which you want to work now, as soon as you select the app, you will see some options in the right side, you have to go down in the Full Control section, there you will find an option named Manage app, enable it and save it by clicking on the Save Changes button.


Just like you have added the App to the system user, you also have to add your Property to the system users same to same & don’t forget to enable Manage property option, it’t very important.

Add Properties

When you added your app and properties in system users, then only you have to setup bidding integration with other ad networks, then for this you have to go to Monetization Manager again there you will get an option of Bidding integration in the Integration section, there you have to select the mediation platform, in our case there is AdMob, then we will select AdMob and below that you will have to select the app in which you want to do bidding.

Bidding Integration

After that below you will get all the placement id which you have created earlier, if you have not yet created placement id for different formats then you should create it first. Below the Placement ID you will find a button to generate System user access token, by clicking on that button you can generate your token, there you will get the read_audience_network_insights option in Select APIs, select it and click on the Generate Token button. After that you will get the Token, Property ID and App ID which you have to copy and keep which you will use later to set up the AdMob Mediation.

Property ID & Token

Now let’s setup the AdMob Mediation :

It is very easy to setup Mediation in AdMob, for that you have to create Ad units first. After that you have to go to the Mediation section, there you will get the option of Mediation Group and Ad Source, you have to go to the Mediation Group and there you have to click on Create Mediation Group, after that you have to select the ad format and platform. Here I will select Ad format banner and select platform Android and click on continue. For whichever ad format you want to mediate, you can select that ad format from here.

AdMob Mediation - Facebook Bidding with AdMob

In the next page, you have to first enter the name of your mediation & then go down be & after that you have to go down and click on ADD AD UNITS button now select your Mediation App & click on the DONE button.

Add Mediation Name - Facebook Bidding with AdMob

After that you will find Bidding and Waterfall below, you have to complete them too. Now you have to click on ADD AD SOURCE, which you will find in the Bidding section, there you have to select Facebook Audience Network, as soon as you select, a dialog box will appear in front of you, there you will have to enter Facebook Banner Placement ID which you will get from the Facebook Audience Network website. Just like you have entered the AD SOURCE in the bidding, in the same way you have to enter the AD SOURCE by going to the waterfall section. When you go to put AD SOURCE in the waterfall, there you will get an option Optimize, inside it you will be asked to enter Manual eCPM ($ USD), then you have to put 1 there and continue & finally you have to enter the same Facebook Placement ID of the same ad format. So in the same way you have to Mediation for all the ad formats in the AdMob.

Select Mediation App - Facebook Bidding with AdMob

Bidding & Waterfall - Facebook Bidding with AdMob

Bidding Ad Source - Facebook Bidding with AdMob

Just like you have just put Ad Sources in Bidding, similarly you have to put Ad Sources in Waterfall too.

Waterfall Ad Source - Facebook Bidding with AdMob

And if you are creating a new Mediation Group, then after following all these steps, you will get an option to enter AD SOURCES, if AD SOURCES is not coming it means that, you have already add the AD SOURCES. Basically in Ad Sources you have to enter all the details which we had created earlier in Facebook Bidding such as Token, Property ID and App ID. So let’s see how we can put.

Different Ad Source Credentials have to be created for different apps which we had already created in Facebook. So you have to create the same way where you get the system user access token as well as the property ID, then these two credentials have to be entered in Facebook Ad Source and after that you will get an option below for authorization which you will check And save it by clicking on the Save button. So in this way you can enter Ad Source of Facebook Bidding with AdMob.

FB Token & Property ID - Facebook Bidding with AdMob

Now let’s see about coding part :

If you want to know about the implementation of all ad formats in more detail, then you must check by visiting the official website of Facebook. Here are few links :

  1. Facebook Banner AD implementation
  2. Facebook Native AD implementation
  3. Facebook Interstitial AD implementation

You do not need to make any changes in the code part, You still have to do as you used to. If you do not know how to write code in android-studio for Facebook ADs, then I have given the link above, you can see how to write code by going to all those links. Here I want to add one more thing that if you put AdMob’s AD on your application and you face any problem then you can use AdMob’s Test Suite, with the help of this you will be able to see where you made mistakes. and it is a very good tool it is also easy to use.

To use it you need to add dependency of Test Suite to your application, After that, in whichever Activity or  Fragment you want to use the test suite, you have to write only one line of code.

MediationTestSuite.launch(MainActivity.this); //This the single line of Test Suit code.

dependencies {
    // You should already have the ads dependency in your app.
    implementation 'com.google.android.gms:play-services-ads:20.2.0'
    implementation 'com.google.android.ads:mediation-test-suite:2.0.0'

Or you can put Test Suite in any button using onClick listen and so that whenever you click on that button the test suite will be activated. For the test suite to work properly, you have to register your mobile’s advertising id in Facebook as well as AdMob then only test suite will work correctly.

Test Suite - Facebook Bidding with AdMob

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