How to setup Bidding in Facebook Audience Network – Full Tutorial 2021

With app bidding, app publishers can establish an impartial, open auction over their ad inventory by offering every ad opportunity to multiple advertising networks at the same time.

For apps, most publishers sell their ad inventory using waterfall through a mediation system. With waterfall, ad servers make calls to a list of ad networks to offer impressions to preferred buyers first. If the first advertising network doesn’t want the impression, the mediation system moves to the next buyer in the list and so on.

This often suppresses return on investment because publishers are forced to sell inventory at a set price based on historical averages instead of the highest possible price that ad networks are willing to pay.

As an alternative to mediation, Facebook offers app bidding, which applies the principles of header bidding for desktop and mobile to mobile apps.

How to setup Bidding in Facebook Audience Network

Benefits of bidding

  • Better experience: Bidding makes apps more responsive with less lag time for ads to load. With waterfall, ad-tech platforms make 10-15 calls for each impression. These calls take milliseconds, but together result in ads potentially taking longer to load. With bidding, there are fewer steps in the ad serving process so that ads can load faster.
  • More publisher control: Bidding gives publishers a clearer picture of ad buying/serving. Access to real-time data on an impression level gives app publishers valuable insights to make business decisions. This allows better-optimised inventory to meet demand.
  • Higher-quality ads: Fewer low-quality or objectionable ads appear on publishers’ apps. With bidding, a publisher can see which advertising networks purchased their inventory and can better trace where the ad came from. And, more ads that people want to see are likely to get served.
  • Fair price: With bidding, publishers won’t need to set price targets because winning bids will reflect the true maximum that the market is willing to pay.

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How to setup Bidding in Facebook Audience Network – Full Tutorial 2021

In the bellow video I will teach you how you can setup Facebook Bidding setup for your Android App, also in this video I have solve some of your doubts about Bidding, so watch this video till the end, Thanks.

Moving from waterfall to bidding

  • Use the existing top revenue tag placement for bidding, and for each ad format and OS.
  • In your reporting dashboard, filter by placement type (for example, Rewarded Video) and Estimated Revenue highest to lowest
  • Choose the placement with the highest revenue for that placement type
  • Use that Placement ID in the AdMob Open Bidding section of your Mediation Group
  • When you convert your top placement to bidding, you should use that same placement in the Waterfall section below Open Bidding as a default for inventory that is not monetizable through bidding. The mediation platform will handle defaulting to waterfall in such cases. The volume of inventory that will continue to be monetized via waterfall will depend on the composition of your traffic.

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