Firebase OTP Verification Android with Android Studio

If you also want to integrate OTP verification system on your Android App like WhatsApp, then this article is for you, This article is a complete guide with source code on how to setup Firebase OTP verification. The app that has been created in this application, you can also use the design of that app in your application. If you see all the things mentioned in this post once, then you can easily set OTP verification in your Android app.

Firebase OTP Verification Android with Android Studio

Firebase OTP Verification Android

3 activitys have been used in this application first activity will be for sending otp and second activity will be to verify otp and finally Main activity will be used when user verified successfully. It is also easy to set up a project by creating a project in Firebase, you just have to enable the phone provider by going to the authentication tab and by doing this your app will be connected with Firebase and yes friends don’t forget to put the google-service.json file in your android studio.

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